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Use this service to quickly update the details we hold about your registration.

Update my details

For information about what we do with personal data, see our privacy notice.

You can update or add your:

    • organisation address;
    • contact details (name, job title, address, email and phone number) of the person who has been selected to receive correspondence for the organisation; 
    • Data Protection Officer’s details (including adding a DPO);
    • trading names (other names by which the organisation may be known); and
    • payment tier.

You will need:

    • your registration reference, eg ZA123456; and
    • your security number. (If you are the nominated contact and can’t find your security number, you can request a reminder below.)

Request a security number


Tip: if you’re updating your trading names, using this service will replace any existing trading names you’ve already provided to us, so give us all the trading names you want published even if we have them already. You can list up to five trading names using this service.


Please note: if you want to change your organisation name, you will need to call our registration helpline on 0303 123 1113. You will need your registration reference and security number. Alternatively, if you don’t have your security number, please contact us by email.*


If you no longer need to pay a data protection fee, please complete our online form.

If you cancel a registration which is paid by direct debit, you’ll also need to cancel the direct debit with the bank or building society.

Need to email us?

*If you’re unable to use the service to change or update your details, email your request to us quoting your registration reference.