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FOI self-assessment toolkit

The toolkit is designed to help you assess your current FOI performance and provide indicators of where efforts should be focused in order to improve. It also provides templates for taking improvement actions.

Key questions on timeliness and responses rate calculator

You should use these to proactively assess your compliance with the FOIA and EIR timescales. It may inform an assessment of the level of support or changes needed in order to improve performance. We may ask you to provide us with the answers if we need to monitor your performance.

Template action plan

You should use this when you need support to improve compliance with FOIA and EIR timescales. It will help you identify actions you could take to improve compliance and provides a template to record those actions. We may ask you to use this if we identify an issue with your performance. You could use this if you do not have the resource to complete the more detailed timeliness topic of our self-assessment toolkit and the accompanying action report.

Guide on consulting internally on freedom of information requests

You should use this when you need support in minimising delays caused by internal consultation, and to increase transparency and accountability in FOI decision making. This guide does not cover consulting on the section 36 exemption or consultation with external organisations.

Case studies

You could use this to learn how organisations recovered their own compliance with statutory FOIA and EIR timescales, including new ways of working and proactive disclosures of information. We will continue to develop further case studies.

Training videos

We have taken the introduction to the FOIA and EIR training modules we provide to ICO staff as part of their internal training and made them available for you to reuse. You can select the modules that fit the needs of your organisation and add them to your existing training materials.

Publication schemes: a snapshot of compliance

Our publication schemes report contains an analysis of a snapshot of compliance of 200 public authorities, as well as recommendations to help support public bodies comply with this area of the law.

Apply to join the ICO’s Freedom of Information Upstream feedback group

The ICO seeks feedback from public authorities before providing new types of support to assist them in dealing with FOI requests. This is to help ensure the support meets the needs of FOI practitioners. The group provide feedback via email or online to the ICO on a voluntary basis. For more information about the FOI Upstream feedback group and what we do with your data, please read our privacy notice.

We’re keen to hear from a variety of different sectors. Fill in this form to apply to join the feedback group and we’ll contact you if your application is accepted.

FOI in 90 seconds for public authority staff

This 90 second guide will help staff who have limited experience of freedom of information to understand what they need to do.

FOI templates

Basic templates for public authorities to use when responding to requests.