The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Innovations related to data sharing, particularly in the areas of health, central government, finance, higher and further education or law enforcement

Compliant data sharing is crucial to the operation of modern economies. It can also help protect the health and security of our citizens and promote research and innovation.

As such, we are looking to use our Regulatory Sandbox to work directly with innovators developing products and services that support complex data sharing in the public interest, to help them attain compliance.

Our aim is to promote and enable confident, responsible and lawful data sharing in the wider public interest. In particular, the Sandbox aims to help demonstrate that data protection legislation is not a barrier to proportionate sharing of personal data.

Whilst we are open to any proposals on how to meet that wider aim, we would be particularly interested in hearing from innovators working in or with the health, central government, finance, higher and further education or law enforcement sectors. We want to hear from you if you are developing products or services which are likely to enable substantial public benefits, but where data sharing may, for example:

  • pose the highest risk to the public and to information rights;
  • involve the use of novel or innovative technologies;
  • involve the use of innovative data governance frameworks or data sharing platforms; and
  • involve the processing of sensitive personal data.

Products and services exploring the use and deployment of innovative technologies, such as privacy-enhancing technologies and distributed ledger technologies

The UK’s digital sector contributes up to £150 billion each year to the UK economy as it works to solve problems, enhance day to day services and provide benefits for consumers across the rest of the UK’s economy.

In order to better support the UK’s growing digital economy we want to use our Regulatory Sandbox to support innovators who are designing, building and deploying innovative products and services utilising personal data to ensure that these technologies are effective and support individuals rights and freedoms.

Our aim is to promote and enable the use of secure, responsible and lawful innovations. In particular we aim to provide support to innovators working with products which:

  • utilise privacy-enhancing technologies (e.g. homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party computation, differential privacy, privacy-preserving machine learning) to effectively anonymise data and facilitate its use and sharing; or
  • utilise distributed ledger technologies (for example, in digital currencies or smart contracts) and are willing to work with us to examine the data protection challenges associated with these (e.g. complex data controllership issues, facilitating individual rights requests, jurisdictional issues).