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The guidance on this page is suitable for medium and large businesses and organisations in the public, private and third sectors. Small businesses should use the resources on our small business web hub.

Code of practice

Data sharing: A code of practice 

Practical guidance about when and how you can share personal information. It explains the law and promotes good practice and contains practical tools, case studies and examples that will help you. 


Sharing information to safeguard children

Practical advice on the data protection considerations when you need to share personal information for child safeguarding purposes

Sharing personal information with law enforcement authorities

When and how non-law enforcement authorities can share personal information with law enforcement authorities, such as the police.

Competent authorities - sharing and reuse of information for non-law enforcement purposes

How to share information collected for law enforcement purposes with another organisation, so it can be used for non-law enforcement purposes.

Universities and colleges - sharing personal information in an emergency 

Helping universities and colleges share people’s information lawfully in an urgent or emergency situation, such as preventing loss of life or serious physical, emotional or mental harm.

Information sharing in mental health emergencies at work

Guidance for employers about sharing information about their workers in the event of a mental health emergency.


Sharing information to safeguard children: Marketing materials

A toolkit of resources, including a video from the Information Commissioner, flyers, posters, newsletter articles, and images and text for social media posts.

Sharing information with law enforcement authorities toolkit

Use this toolkit to decide whether you can and how you should share personal information with a law enforcement authority.

Data sharing myths busted

Busting common myths and the misconceptions surrounding data sharing and data protection law.

Case studies and examples 

Real world examples and case studies of different approaches to data sharing from the public, private and third sector.


A step-by-step guide to deciding whether to share personal information.

Data sharing request form template

Template forms for requesting personal information and deciding whether to share information.

Additional guidance

Contractual liability in data sharing agreements

The potential contractual liabilities of data sharing agreements and how can they be avoided.

Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)

How PETs can help organisations achieve compliance with data protection law. It gives a brief introduction to eight types of PETs and explains their risks and benefits.

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