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Visually map important privacy moments on to your user journey and identify risks, questions and ideas.




  • Product teams can use this workshop to map how they use data in context of their user journey to find important privacy ‘moments’.        
  • Run the session with cross-disciplinary practitioners, such as designers, developers and data protection officers to include different perspectives.
  • Use the outcomes to prioritise where to improve privacy in your user experience and feed into your organisation’s data protection impact assessment.


  • Build a shared picture of how you collect and use personal data in context of your user experience and potential impacts for children.                                                                                                      
  • Collectively agree with key stakeholders in your organisation which priority areas to focus on and why.
  • Create a record of how you identify and address data-related risks in your user experience.

Case study

“The YEO team reviewed and used the practical tools in a workshop - where we were able to define our user mindsets and create our own data privacy moments map. The privacy moments map, although designed for the children’s code, was in fact useful when reviewing the full user experience of the YEO product suites, website, privacy policies, and terms of use.

“The guide really gave the team the space to discuss and review with a different mindset which ultimately has motivated us to improve the design of the app and specifically how privacy and ‘risky moments’ are communicated to our users.”

Sarah Norford-Jones, Co-Founder & CMO YEO Messaging

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