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On 25 July 2022 new guidance on binding corporate rules was issued. The new guidance supersedes all previous  guidance and documents. 

Binding Corporate Rules from 1 January 2021

From 1 January 2021 the ICO will accept UK BCRs Controller and UK BCRs Processor applications.

New applications for UK BCRs must be submitted to the ICO using the UK BCR application forms and referential tables referenced below. The ICO will work with you, your legal team or external lawyers in the review of your UK BCR application. When the ICO is satisfied that the requirements have been met the Information Commissioner will approve the UK BCR.

Organisations with existing authorised EU BCRs do not need to complete a UK BCR application form or referential table. However they must still provide ICO with a UK version of their BCRs.

The Information Commissioner has created the following guidelines for UK BCRs applications whilst complying with the requirements of UK GDPR: