The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Business Services provides a range of services to organisations. We have a particular focus on SMEs - including public sector and not-for-profit organisations - who do not always have easy access to information rights expertise. We want to help organisations comply with the law not just because they have to, but because it makes good business sense.

Business Services has four main service areas:

  • Business Advice  - provides an interactive advice service for organisations via phone, live chat, email and social media.
  • Data Protection Fees - conducts acquisitions work, helps organisations pay their fee and takes recovery action when they don’t.
  • Personal Data Breach - assesses data security breaches and gives advice about managing breaches, mitigating risk, and avoiding security incidents in the future.
  • SME Service Hub - works with our other service areas to give SMEs the additional compliance tools they need, including guidance, self-assessment tools and assurance activity.