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The Corporate Communications department works to communicate externally the value and impact of the ICO's work. We aim to build public confidence in how organisations use data, improve data protection practices and protect and enhance the ICO's reputation through strategic and tactical delivery of engaging communications. 

What we do

The Communications department provides an all-round and fully integrated communications service. Our emphasis is on proactive strategic campaigns which bring our regulatory work to life and deliver impact. We are flexible, responsive and well-networked. Find out more below about a few of the department's functions.

Who we are

A note from the Director of Corporate Communications: 

The ICO’s work affects every single person in the UK. We believe people’s privacy is a human right. We also believe that public organisations need to be transparent and accountable. How do we balance two things that seem counter to each other? Well, therein lies part of our communication challenge!

If you think about it, you’ll notice you have come across the issues we work on in the news every day. Our regulatory role impacts how healthcare can innovate to help you live longer, how companies make nuisance and often predatory marketing calls, how social media firms select the content you see and how police can use technology to reduce crime. We oversee how you can access information about how your taxes are spent - or about how a company is using your data.

So how do our communications play a role?

We tell stories about how the ICO’s work features in our lives – protecting people, strengthening public services, encouraging innovation and upholding transparency. Showing our impact and relevance in the real world helps to bring certainty on what the law says and how we, as the regulator, will act. This helps to influence the behaviour of organisations, building understanding of information rights and supporting public trust in the responsible use of data.

Our stories are people focused. We talk to our audiences in language they will understand and relate to.

We find ways to connect with them - whether that’s through engaging content, understanding what’s important to them or finding the right channel or even the right messenger.

We work with our broad range of partners (we are a whole economy regulator so we have many!) to get our stories out there.

If you are looking for a high-profile, interesting, challenging and creative place to work, come talk to us and find out more.

Angela Balakrishnan, Director of Communications

What the team say:

"Comms have really welcomed and supported me as someone totally new to the ICO"

- Rosie

"There are lots of opportunities to be creative"


- Dave

"I am always supported to develop my skills and try new things"


- Hannah 

Meet the team 

The department is split between the media team and the strategic team, which are fully integrated and work closely. Our department is a diverse mix of people with a variety of skills and experience. We currently have staff based in our office in Wilmslow, near Manchester, and in London. 

Comms department organigram