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Our grants programme has now ended. Thank you for your interest and for the innovative projects we have funded since 2017. You can read more about these projects below.

 Organisation Status
Machine readable privacy notices in banking and insurance  Open Rights Group Complete
Research on the impact of data protection laws on genomic technologies PHG Foundation Complete
Digital privacy skills for children toolkit London School of Economics Complete
Research on privacy by design in smart homes University of Oxford Complete
Privacy tool and user interface for health care records Teesside University Complete
Data rights inclusion for homeless people The Connection at St Martins in the Field Complete
Tool to evaluate the risk of re-identification Imperial College London Complete
Training programme for researchers working with routinely collected data Cardiff University Complete
Implications of biometrics for individuals and their close kin University of Oxford Complete
Third-party cookies and adtech Kings College London Complete
Evaluating third-party smart home assistant developers Kings College London Complete
Research into fairness in employment AI decisions Institute for the Future of Work Complete
Data flows in Internet of Things devices University of Cambridge Complete
Research on a tool to identify the adequate level of access for auditing of AI-based systems University College London Ongoing