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Headed by Professor Sonia Livingstone, LSE’s project utilised focus group research with children of secondary school age, their parents, educators and child deliberation panels, for formulating child-inclusive policy and educational recommendations to create an online toolkit on digital privacy skills for children.

The project provided evidence on children’s understanding of the online commercial environment and of privacy, identifying their practices and vulnerabilities. It enhanced the help available to children by identifying the gaps in the ways parents and educators supported children’s capacity to consent to the complex technological process of privacy and data use. Key to this was the development of an online toolkit for children.

The research also contributed to policy and practice by identifying lessons learned in relation to the better balance of children’s rights to online provision, participation and protection, eg involving children in decision-making via child deliberation panels.


View LSE’s project website which includes links to all produced reports, presentations and briefing papers.

The online privacy toolkit for children is available on the LSE project website.


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