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CDD Services

Exit date: September 2022

CDD Services entered the Sandbox to explore SafeGuarden, a digital-ID centred online platform, which uses CDD Services’ Spotlite Compliance Platform. The product will enable ex-service personnel to prove their identity and grant permission to share their personal data with Service Providers who will then provide support to them and their families in relation to housing, employment and training, based on permissions set by the individual.

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Exit date: August 2022

FlyingBinary is a ‘deep tech’ company which provides innovative products and services in the information technology and online sector, including artificial intelligence (AI). FlyingBinary entered the Sandbox to develop an online service which seeks to assist with the traditional mental healthcare of patients with pathologies such as eating disorders. The current planned approach is that clinicians will recommend this online service to their patients as part of their existing care.

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Exit date: April 2022

Yoti entered the Sandbox to explore how they could extend the use of their age estimation technology to young people, aged between 6 and 12 years old. This would ensure that the providers of children’s only services, such as gaming websites and forums, can create safe virtual environments and online spaces.

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Global Cyber Alliance

Exit date: March 2022

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA)  entered the Sandbox to explore the possible next steps in developing their DomainTrust concept and the potential benefits of processing personal data in the platform to help fight against cyber-criminals.

The GCA’s participation in the ICO’s Sandbox has given the ICO the opportunity to contribute towards and gain insight into how complex, international data sharing initiatives can assist organisations attempting to reduce instances of cybercrime and ultimately make the internet a safer environment for its users.

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