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These set out the types of information we would expect particular types of authority to publish and list in their guide to information. For more details on using these, see our guidance on using the definition documents (pdf). Definition documents have not been produced for some smaller authorities as they have their own template guides to information, which are included below.

Central Government

Northern Ireland


Local Government




Other Bodies

Can’t find your sector specific definition document or template guide to information ?

The ICO has now published a sector specific definition document for most public authorities. These documents accompany the new model publication scheme and are a guide to the types of information we expect authorities to proactively publish.

There may be organisations specified in Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act, eg Advisory NDPBs, who feel their role is too specialised to adopt the Non Departmental Public Bodies definition document. Although we recommend this as a starting point the ICO will welcome any suggestions on refining this definition document to make it more appropriate to these bodies.