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Consider how to consult with relevant stakeholders: describe when and how you will seek individuals’ views - and specifically how you will seek the views of children and parents – or justify why it’s not possible to do so. Who else do you need to involve within your organisation? Do you need to ask your processors to assist? Do you plan to consult experts in children’s rights and developmental needs? If not, why not? Do you plan to consult any other experts?

We have conducted product testing of the app in consultation with a children’s panel to help in the product development process.

We also consulted with parents and guardians through a feedback questionnaire which includes questions on the game’s functionality, usability and privacy.

As the game does not use novel technology, and the use of personal data is limited, we have not consulted any experts during the development of this specific game. However, we do keep up-to-date with expert opinions and advice provided through our representative body, UKIE.

We note that where we have identified residual risks, we are satisfied that they are limited and appropriate measures are in place to mitigate potential harm (see step 5).