The ICO exists to empower you through information.

This guidance aims to help you if you want to complain about how a media organisation has treated you. It includes information on

  • when you can complain to the ICO, and how to make a complaint
  • the other organisations you can complain to, when you can complain to them and how to complain to them, and
  • how to make a legal claim against a media organisation.


Terms used in this guidance

Who can I complain to if I have a concern about a media organisation?

Complaining to the ICO about a media organisation

Complaining to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

Complaining to the Independent Monitor for the Press (IMPRESS)

Complaining about a media organisation that is not a member of IPSO or IMPRESS

Complaining about the BBC

Complaining to Ofcom

Taking your case to court and claiming compensation

Asking someone to act on your behalf