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Use this service to ask an organisation for your personal information or for the information of someone else, eg a child or relative. 

This service will create an email to the organisation you specify with your request for personal information and everything they need to respond. You'll also get a copy for your records.

The organisation should reply to you directly. We won't see the reply.

What you'll need

You will need:

  • the name of the organisation you're making your request to; and
  • the email address of the organisation. Tip: you can usually find a suitable email address in the organisation's Privacy notice.

You should also provide:

  • proof of ID, either a copy of a passport, driving licence or birth certificate; and
  • proof of address, either a copy of a bank statement, utility bill, or TV licence.

If you are making the request for someone else, you should provide proof of ID and address for them (not for you). You will also need to provide evidence that you're allowed to make the request for them eg a signed letter of consent, a power of attorney document or proof of parental responsibility such as a birth or adoption certificate.


Start your request for your information


Takes about 10 minutes

For information about what we do with your personal data, see our privacy notice.