The ICO exists to empower you through information.

About the organisation

The organisation you're making your request to, eg ABC Ltd
Usually found in the organisation's privacy notice

Your request

Be very specific, eg 'My employee file'; or 'Emails containing my name sent between 'person A' and 'person B'; or 'My medical record held by 'Dr C' at 'hospital D'. Helps you get exactly what you need
Give a date range of the information you are requesting, eg 'From 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023'. Give times if they're relevant, eg 2-3pm for CCTV footage, or say what time the call started if you're requesting a phone call transcript
You don't have to include this, but it can help the organisation find the information that you actually need and can help you get a better, faster response
Details about where the organisation might find the information or what it relates to, eg an application for credit, an insurance claim, a medical procedure
Tick this box if you're making this request for someone else eg a child, relative, friend or client.

About you

For example, 10 3 1989. Used to help the organisation find the information
Used to help the organisation find the information
In case the organisation needs to call you to clarify this request
Your customer or other reference number with the organisation, eg your NHS reference number. This will help them identify you

Proof of ID and address

Provide a photo or scanned copy of a birth certificate, driving license or passport.
Provide a photo, original digital version or scanned copy of a bank statement, utility bill, council tax bill or TV license.