The ICO exists to empower you through information.

We understand the need for further work in this area from a regulatory perspective due to the range of potential uses of neurotechnologies on the near horizon that we have identified in this report. As part of this process, we will continue to scrutinise the market and identify key stakeholders who are seeking to develop or deploy technology in this area. This will help us to continue building our knowledge and understanding of the issues raised. We will also continue to work with stakeholders and others to explain the importance of privacy by design and compliant use of personal information.

We will work with the public to better understand their concerns and questions about emerging neurotechnologies and their personal information.

In the longer term, we are developing specific neurodata guidance as a core part of our ongoing work in this area. It will consider the interpretation of core definitions and approaches, key links to our existing guidance, our views on emergent risks and provide use-based and sector specific case studies to highlight good practice by 2025.

In support of this work, we also want to continue to work with critical stakeholders. We want to hear from organisations who are working in this sector; whether it is in the development of neurotechnologies, their deployment, or through thinking about their implications in a policy based or regulatory context. We would very much like to hear from you as we continue to develop our knowledge and thinking in this area. We can be reached at: [email protected].