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What is the data protection fee for?

We use the data protection fee to fund our data protection work. We do not keep any money we receive in fines, but pass it directly to the Government.

Do I have to pay a fee?

If you are a controller and the exemptions don’t apply to you, you will have to pay the fee.

How do I determine if my business is exempt?

Take our registration self-assessment.

How much do I have to pay?

The fees range from £40 to £2,900. The fee depends on the size of your organisation, your turnover and, in some cases, the type of organisation you are. It’s structured like this out of fairness.

Take our fee self-assessment to determine what fee your organisation has to pay.

Who sets the fee?

The fee is set by Parliament and reflects what Parliament feels is appropriate, based on the risks that the processing of personal data presents.

How long will I be covered?

Your fee covers a 12 month period from the renewal date (not the payment date), but we will not regard you as covered until we receive a payment we can attribute to you.

How often do I have to pay the data protection fee?

Every 12 months.

How will I know my renewal is due?

We will contact you before your previous payment expires and your new payment is due.

Does the fee include VAT?

No. Statutory fees are outside the scope of VAT, so no VAT is charged on it.

Do you issue refunds?

Only in exceptional circumstances. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

What happens if I don’t pay my fee?

We will send you a reminder explaining when you need to pay. If you don’t pay, or tell us why you are no longer required to pay a fee, we will issue a notice of intent 14 days after expiry. You will have 21 days to pay or make representations. If you do not pay or fail to notify us that you no longer need to pay, you may be issued with a fine of up to £4,350 (150% of the top tier fee).