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The following UNCRC articles fall under the ‘support’ category of the best interests of the child framework. Examples of how common uses of children’s data can risk, or support, these rights are provided in Step 2 – Identifying impacts on the rights of the child of this guidance.

Article 5 - Parental guardianship and the evolving capacities of the child

The rights and responsibilities of parents and guardians to provide appropriate support to children to exercise their rights must be respected. Services must recognise that this support changes as children grow and their capacities develop.

Article 31 - Access to leisure, play and culture

Children have a right to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age. They should be free to participate in cultural life online and offline.

Article 42 - Knowledge of rights

Children and parents have a right to be made aware of the rights they hold under the UNCRC - in this context as they apply to their data and the Children's code.