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The following UNCRC articles fall under the ‘society’ category of the best interests of the child framework. Examples of how common uses of children’s data can risk, or support, these rights are provided in Step 2 – Identifying impacts on the rights of the child of this guidance.

Article 2 - Non-discrimination

Children's rights should be protected and respected without discrimination of any kind. Children have rights to equal and effective access to the digital environment.

Article 15 - Freedom of association

Children have a right to freely associate and gather with others in the real world and in the digital environment.

Article 17 - Access to news media and information

Children have a right to information from a diversity of digital media sources, and in particular those that promote their social wellbeing and general health.

Article 23 - Children with disabilities

Children have a right to be protected from arbitrary or unlawful interference with their privacy.

Article 24 - Access to health and health services

Children have a right to the highest attainable standards of health, and access to health care information and services online.

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Step 2: Identify impacts

Identify potential impacts to the rights of the child in your product or service.