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We will update this page to highlight and link to new and blogs about the Sandbox.

March 2024

West Yorkshire Police have joined the Sandbox.

February 2024

We have published the Financial Institutions – facilitated by Home Office and UK Finance exit report.

November 2023

We have published the Thames Valley Police report.

We have published the Zamna report.

The Department for Education has joined the Sandbox.   

October 2023

We have published the Our Future Health report.

September 2022

We have published the Smart Data Foundry exit report.

July 2023

We have published an exit report for the Betting and Gaming Council and the Crisis exit report.          

September 2022

We have published an exit report for CDD Services.

We have updated the following pages to include the new key areas of focus: What is the Sandbox?, Who can apply to the Sandbox? and How will the ICO assess applications for the Sandbox?. We have also updated the Expression of interest form.

August 2022

We have published an exit report for FlyingBinary.

Thames Valley Together have joined the Sandbox.

May 2022

We have published an exit report for Yoti.

March 2022

Betting and Gaming Council and Zamna joined the Sandbox. Global Cyber Alliance completed their Sandbox project and we published their exit report.

February 2022

Financial Institutions (facilitated by the Home Office and UK Finance) and Crisis joined the Sandbox.

December 2021

Smart Data Foundry joined the Sandbox

November 2021

We have published our Sandbox beta report. This covers our learnings and the improvements we have made following the beta phase of the Regulatory Sandbox.

October 2021

We have published Sandbox exit reports for the Gambling Commission and Seers. Our Future Health joined the Sandbox.

July 2021

The ICO's regulatory sandbox has re-opened, with a new area of focus for 2021-22 on products and services exploring the use and deployment of innovative technologies, such as privacy-enhancing technologies and distributed ledger technologies.

We are still welcoming expressions of interest on innovations related to complex data sharing, particularly in the areas of health, central government, finance, higher and further education or law enforcement.

March 2021

The final three reports from the beta phase are published, from Tonic Analytics, Greater London Authority and MHCLG. Read our latest blog post.

February 2021

Blog: Supporting Novartis to improve patient care during the pandemic