The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Our priorities for the year ahead 

Our annual plan outlines the priority work we will deliver over the coming year to help us achieve our strategic enduring objectives. We will update it every year to demonstrate what we will be doing to achieve our objectives. We will be accountable for these actions and will report progress against them in our next annual report in July 2023 and each year thereafter.

We have prioritised these actions using our evidence-based assessment of risks and harms and aligned them to each of our enduring objectives. Alongside these actions, we have an ICO25 transformation programme.  It sets out, quarter-by-quarter, how we are changing and transforming to respond to our ICO25 objectives and to achieve our purpose. This enables us to empower you through information by 2025. Our change and transformation programme will focus on developing: 

    • what we do and who we do it for – developing our regulatory approach to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders;
    • how we do it – ensuring we have the right capacity, capability and culture to operate effectively; and
    • the tools we need – enabling us to do our work and providing the foundations for what we do and how we do it.