The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Sentiment and outcomes

We aim to demonstrate that our work has reduced compliance burdens and costs for businesses though providing support, guidance and regulatory clarity. To do this, we will measure, and expect to see improvement in:

  • agreement that work of the ICO reduces compliance costs;
  • agreement that data protection laws are an enabler of business; and
  • agreement that the ICO is clear about what the law requires. 


It is our aim to respond in real time to complaints, requests for information and advice and to conduct our investigations as efficiently and effectively as possible. To track our progress, we will use the following measures: 

  • resolve 80% of written enquiries within seven calendar days;
  • resolve 99% of written enquiries within 30 calendar days;
  • answer 80% of calls and live chats within 60 seconds;
  • refer or close 80% of personal data breach reports within 30 days;
  • ensure that less than 1% of personal data breach reports are over 12 months old;
  • ensure 90% of our audit recommendations are accepted in full or in part;
  • ensure 80% of accepted audit recommendations, in full or in part, are completed or being actioned within agreed timescales; and
  • respond to 100% of prior consultation submissions within statutory timeframes.