The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Enable efficiency, productivity and collaboration   

In order to deliver for our stakeholders, we need to work with a collective purpose as a team, acting in a collaborative way, increasing our productivity and the quality of our outputs. Given the breadth of the work of the ICO, it is important that we are agile, efficient and constantly looking for ways to improve how we deliver our work. 

Refresh our People Strategy, which will focus on how we develop and support our staff to deliver. 

Refresh our Digital and IT Strategy, which will set out the next phase of our investment in technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

Implement an Enterprise Resource Planning system to coordinate and effectively manage our finance and people services and data.  

Develop a data strategy that adapts to the opportunities and challenges of technical innovation, using best data practice to continuously evolve how we capture, analyse, share and use data both internally and externally.

Review our governance structures to make sure that they are proportionate, focused on adding value and enabling the successful delivery of this plan and the future legislative reform.  

Provide value for money for data protection fee payers

95% of the fees we receive that fund our data protection work come from small- and medium-sized organisations. We know that those who pay the fee, as well as Parliament to whom we are accountable for how we spend the fees, are right to expect value for money services, particularly considering the challenging economic environment. 

We will make sure that, wherever possible, money paid in fees is used to provide regulatory certainty, give advice and support to organisations and reduce the cost of compliance. To do this we will:  

  • recover the costs of litigation, as far as is possible, from companies who have been fined; 
  • ensure that all organisations that are required to register do so;
  • publish annually a value for money summary of how the data protection fees we receive, and the funding we get from the government, is used to deliver efficient and effective services for our customers; and  
  • agree a policy for using our data protection fee income reserves to ensure all fee income is used to support businesses and enable growth.