The ICO exists to empower you through information.

Through this ICO25 plan and its enduring objectives, we are committing to:

    • Safeguard and empower people.
    • Empower responsible innovation and sustainable economic growth.
    • Promote openness, transparency and accountability.
    • Continuously develop the ICO's culture, capability and capacity.

In our purpose, we say that we will empower you to hold us to account for the difference we make when enforcing the laws we oversee. To enable you to do this, we invite our performance to be judged through measures in three key areas: sentiment, outcomes and performance.


The impact and influence of the work we do; to understand the cumulative effect of our performance and outcomes.

These measures are intended to hold us to account for the achievement of our purpose and enduring strategic objectives.   


The outcome and effectiveness of the work we do; based on objective research to understand the difference our services and interventions make for people and organisations.

These measures will focus on what happens as a result of the work we do. This includes whether our advice and guidance is helpful, practical and proportionate and whether our interventions have reduced, maintained or improved standards and made things easier and clearer.


The efficiency and timeliness of the services we provide, focused on output and throughput measures.

We will publish these measures on a quarterly basis and they will cover the range of services we provide to our customers. This includes:

  • how long we take to respond to the requests for advice and complaints we receive;
  • how long our investigations take to complete;
  • how quickly we respond to requests for information; and
  • satisfaction with our services from our customers and the businesses we work with.

Each of our objectives have measures which we will use to demonstrate delivery and to enable our stakeholders to hold us to account.